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Israel 1


Judean Desert - Dead Sea near Masada

Masada in the Judean desert



Roman camp below Masada


Bethlehem at the Church of the Nativity. The altar is built above the hole with the star around it.

The hole is above the place of the nativity.

Mt. Sion - The Cenacle (place of Last Supper) and Tomb of King David

Mt Sion - Church of St. Peter Gallicantru (where the cock crowed when Peter denied Jesus)

Mt Sion, in the cell where they held Jesus after first taking him prisoner

Mt. Sion - Dormition Abbey - where Mary ascended

In Old Jerusalem and atop the city walls

ancient image of the city

Jerusalem - On Mt. Scopus looking into the Kidron Valley

Mt. of Olives at the Mosque of the Ascension. The footprint of Jesus is in the stone. Taking a breather in front of the Pater Noster church on the Mt. of Olives

Mt. of Olives, Jerusalem below. The church of Dominus Flevit exterior

Dominus Flevit - interior. Where Jesus wept in the Garden.

Garden of Gethsemane - Church of All Nations - stone place where Jesus prayed before his arrest

Mass in the Church of all Nations

Church of All Nations. Garden of Gethsemane in front of one of the very ancient olive trees

Garden of Gethsemane at the St. Stephen Orthodox Church. The Orthodox believe this is the tomb of Mary (not Mt. Sion) and built the altar over the place she is said to have expired. Marian icon

Mary's tomb

Jerusalem - Yad Vashem- the statue titel is HOPE

Jerusalem - Yad Vashem - Eternal Flame in the Hall of Rememberance

Jerusalem - The Temple Mount and the Dome of th Rock

Dome of the Rock

The Western (Wailing) Wall