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Thanksgiving 2010

The family headed out to Atlanta, GA for Thanksgiving.  With the Scamp in tow, Condey riding in the back of the truck (she was doing a rather long time-out) and the boys all huddled on Allen's lap we made it a road trip.  We spent two nights at the Kentucky Horse Park camping area near Lexington, KY (the half way mark).

While there, a friend of Allen's (from his New York days), Patricia Camp who now lives in Cincinati drove to the campground to spend a day with us.  It was a great day of catching up (they hadn't seen each other in over a dozen years), looking through her photo album, lunch and laughter.

We arrived in Atlanta on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. We were staying with Allen's brother Meredith and his wife Michelle.  We got to see Carter again and meet their newest son, Gabriel for the first time.  It was a great time, and Carter really liked the Scamp (and the tortilla chips within).

It was a fantastic few days of laughter, eating, playing with the boys and a grand Thanksgiving feast.  The weather was superb - T-shirt weather on Thanksgiving! We left Atlanta the day after Thanksgiving, returned to the campground for one more night and made the return trip to Chicago the next day.

Here are some photos.  Unfortunately, we really didn't take many in Atlanta.




Allen in the Scamp Harley
Harley Harley
The boys the boys
the boys Ryder
Ryder Dale
The Scamp Patricia and Allen
Patricia and Allen Patricia and Jef
Dale Jef
The boys in the Scamp walking the dogs
walking dogs carter
Michelle and Dale Michelle and Dale
fire fire