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Despite our best efforts, Condoleezma seems to have learned to read... but where did the little b***h get the $$$ ????

If the dogs can have their own page... so can she.

It was in 2005 that our little Condoleezma first came to us.  It was a long adoption process and we were grateful to all who helped us in our efforts. We had to travel out of state to get her, but she is now ours!  Initially, like all new parents, we were very excited and planned to spoil her rotten.  But, as the realities of parenthood set in, we became even more grateful that she was (and remains) able to pretty well take care of herself.  She and the dogs get along as members of a single pack.  Of course, sometimes she has to put up a bit of a fight in order to get her share of the food.

condy and dale

We strive to be enlightened parents. So when Condoleezma mis-behaves - say harassing the dogs, we set her in the corner and make her sit there for as long as three days.

condy in corner 1condy in corner 2

Condy has lots of "uncles' who love her almost as much as we do.  Which is nice because when we really need a time out, we can drop her off with any number of folks.

condy with friendscondy with weezer

Condy loves her Christmas outfit and seldom allows us to dress her in anything else.  She also loves to help her daddy Allen each year when it is time to plant our tomatoes and flowers.  Because she loves to climb, she is especially helpful in taking care of the hanging plants.  She has only fallen from the porch a couple of times.

condy planting 1condy planting 2